Since when does loud mean FAST??

Big engines, flashy and loud cars have been a documented staple in the transformation of growing from American boys to Grown men. Youngsters from every walk of life have always felt the need to flex every now and again. I can deal with them slow and loud “@$$” 200cc motorcycles that take 5 minutes to drive down a residential block before I can take these starter cars. I know it’s a new culture with today’s youth, I am not relating the loudness to meaning that it’s faster. We now have audible and visual proof that “$#it” is slow. I have taken notice to the trends which I categorize Status, Music and Speed.

Status has historically been used to allow an outside glimpse of finances without actually mention a dollar amount. For example… “‘I got the Caddy draped out for the weekend.'” “‘Those 26’s potna, get it right!'” “‘I made thru last month without repeat offending the “J’s” I might make 2 months once I re-up.'” “‘Corinthian Leather on my seat or better.'” “‘The 300 actually looks like a phantom until a PHANTOM actually pulls up.'”

Music has been used as well to bolster ones self worth ( I told myself last night that I was going to use the word “Bolster” in a meaningful statement today, hahaha). “‘I copped that new PE joint last night at midnight before anybody else got it.'” “‘I know you heard me, loud and clear from 4 blocks away with 8 – 15’s in my trunk, why you ain’t ready?'”

Speed has been used to end wars and to establish superiority when leveling the playing field between physically God given gifts. “‘I have a 2 stage nitrous booster pack, stage 3 chip with associated equipment, 9 speed auto-shift manual transmission, staggered Toyo tires on run flats, 640 hp aluminum engine and a custom spoiler so Yes I accept your challenge and will race you… in your grandma’s Gremlin, may the best man win. Leggo!!'”

Fast forward to today, I was out for a cruise in the CTS coupe (see what I did there?) when I noticed I was being tailgated on an empty, 4 lane highway. From the sound of things I assumed this young lad was in a hurry so I switched lanes allowing him to proceed on his way. At this time the gentleman stepped on his accelerator in an attempt to propel his vehicle faster, I can only assume. The noise being generated from his vehicle was overwhelmingly loud. I turned up my 22 speaker stereo system (follow me…) in an attempt to drown out the annoying noise as I watched him slow advance past my car, rear quarter panel…(noise) reaching my door (Ambition az a ridah – 2pac starting to play)…(noise) reaching halfway to pass my door…(noise). I’m getting my first glance around to see who is driving this monstrousity and I believe he is giving me his Thizz Face to which I laugh and turn around to continue my drive…(noise)!! 2pac has just finished his first chorus and this kid has yet to pass me. Once he does final pass me he gets in front of me and taps his brakes twice causing me to tap my brakes taking me out of cruise control… (2Pac – my attitude is f**k it, cuz muthaf**kaz love it)…In one jab at the accelerator with my Retro 3 Jordan’s (I love it when a plan comes together) I have switched lanes, gave him a finger letting him know I thought he was #1, passed him, got in front of him, downshifted decelerating my vehicle to 45 mph in time to hear ‘Pac say ( ambitions as a ridah to catch her while she hot..)

That’s just noise youngsta use that talent and money to upgrade your entire car…
or at least some decent tires.

3 Weeks Sober!!!

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