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New Video Documentary: 4.1.1 Venice Sholine Crips

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New Video Documentary: 4.1.1 Venice Sholine Crips

The Venice Shoreline Crips formed in Venice’s Oakwood neighborhood, which was originally labeled as a “servant’s zone” by Venice founder Abbot Kinney and one of the few places within a mile of California’s coastline where blacks could own property.

Due to restrictive covenants that enforced racial segregation, Oakwood was set aside as a settlement area for blacks and the population increased rapidly as hundreds moved to Venice to work in the oil fields during the 1930s and 1940s.

Into the 1950s, the City of Los Angeles had neglected Oakwood so much that it became known as “the ghetto by the sea” with unpaved narrow streets leading to run down bungalows, many of which lacked foundations.

In Part One of the Venice Sho-Line Crips series, Cisco, Bird, and Onion Monkey open up with some History of the Historic Oakwood Park community and the origins of Venice Shoreline Crips Founded in 1972 in the bleachers where we filmed this video.

Venice Sholine Shoreline Crips- video

In Part Two of the series, Cisco and Bird recall the Rollin’ 60s as their main rivalry, predating the beef with the Playboy Gangster Crips 3x, stemming from incidents at World on Wheels over the School Yard Crips, and the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica most known for hosting the 38th Academy Awards ceremony, hosted by Bob Hope.

It was the first Academy Awards to be broadcast live in color. Kay Kay also joins Cisco, and Bird, to talk answer questions about the Marvista Gardens Housing Projects in Culver City. Many of the black residents in Marvista Gardens had some sort of ties to the Historic Oakwood Park community and the gang.

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