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2 “KARENS” One got her ASS beat & the other need her Ass beat- Ni**er is NOT a Noun YPPO!

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2 “KARENS” One got her ASS beat & the other need her Ass beat- Ni66er is NOT a Noun!

These incidents are happening so fast daily that i haven’t been able to catch up- apparently I missed these two, so let’s get it in..  I just want to say  to the lady in this 1st video, and , really to all  YPPO ( because we are exchanging information here that may save YO life)- WHEN SOMEONE SAYS “SAY IT AGAIN” they are really not asking for clarification, they heard you the 1st time- they are confirming that you deserve the ASS whipping you are about to receive.  This is your opportunity to deescalate but if you say it again- Well  see what happens-WATCH  the video. And I must say that the Black Lady didn’t even drop her purse or glasses -when she went o0ps upside that head.. ( hehe)


ALRIGHTY THEN-  in the next video. KAREN  has an affinity for calling people Niggers – she hurls the word like some would say hello. Then says she works for the government ( makes sense ) .. Hopefully Karen will meet Karma one day. She is lucky she didnt meet the lady from the 1st Video- she would be calling that concrete nigger after scraping her self up off it. Anyway- more antics of KAREN, watch the video! Oh and KAREN it is not against the law to move at 0400.  AGAIN dumb shit like this could end up in an officer involved shooting. That’s what these heffa’s don’t realize.. smh or maybe they do…One thing i do agree with her on- anybody can be a Nigger and she shole is acting like one. Karen this NIGGER is for you! Nigger!

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