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Ahmaud Arbery chased for 4 minutes before cold blooded murder!

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“Lawyer Lee Merritt confirmed Monday that the new video shows William Bryan, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, chasing the unarmed black man for several minutes before opening fire”. It also raises fresh questions about why William “Roddie” Bryan — who has always insisted he was just a good samaritan helping the case — would film for so long, the lawyer said. Footage of the unarmed Arbery’s death in February sparked outrage — leading to murder charges for the ex-cop and his son who were shown in the fatal confrontation.


So, last week I was raising awareness about this cold blooded killing and ran into some groups on Facebook that were in support of the 2 accused murderers Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael. I took to FB’s twitter and their new board of members the Oversight committee in an attempt to let them know that groups were popping up on the site encouraging hate and violence. Specifically promises of a “race war” etc and disturbing images of white men with guns and black heads in guillotines etc. The response from FB was essentially to review & take down the pics but not ban the groups citing the group was holding a conversation  with discourse back and forth so apparently acceptable to FB.. ( I digress)

It seems no matter the video proof that a man was gunned down in cold blood- a couple of racist supporters tweeted to me and one making a comment that I had “been offended too soon” intimating that the then 2nd released footage of Arbery in the vacant home was the justification for his murder. Well now, with more footage apparently uncovered showing a 4 minute ambush- it’s OVERLY clear, the McMichaels cold bloodedly killed an innocent man. And no I wasn’t offended too soon!

And William “Roddie” Bryan who filmed the whole thing seems less like a good samaritan and more like an accomplice!


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