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Artists…What Would You Do….If You Get Caught With Your Pants Down????

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Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. What would you do…if you could get with me and my crew…what would you do if you get caught with your pants down (Arnaude, Brown, Brodus, Caples, & Williams, 1995). This week I would like to speak about music and the second wave of Covid-19. The shutdown because of Covid-19 was sudden and unexpected which caused many industries to readjust, especially the music and television industries.

According to the World Economic Forum (2020) live performance revenue has been the most measurable casualty of the music industry. According to CNN, a model that the White House uses estimates that the growth in COVID-19 cases are so severe that we are headed towards a mandatory shutdown. As of now CNN is reporting that the state of Utah has no ICU beds and the city of Jackson in Mississippi is in the same situation. We have been told over and over that history repeats itself, that time only folds over. So, a second wave of Covid-19 has been predicted to be much worse than the first. What actions as a musician, artist, rapper, and/ or music industry professional do you do….to not get caught with your pants down?

The World Economic Forum stated some observational changes within the music industry due to Covid-19. One is the way people consume music, people are using smart TV’s, smart devices, and apps, with an increase in consumption of on demand MUSIC videos. As an artist this will tell you that a video to each song you release now is important to increase and maintain a fanbase during Covid-19. I have interviewed several artists that say their strategy during COVID-19 is to release a single every two to four weeks, which contradicts the data on what they should be doing. Another observation by The World Economic Forum is that advertising is down. There is loss of sponsorship revenue, that some artists are postponing releases because of the inability to tour and promote new albums, and loss of revenue due to cancellations of live events and concerts.

The music and film business has adapted through streaming and seems to be fairing out, but the sports and amusement park arena has a bit more of strategy to consider. The music industry has made some adjustments that are beneficial to revenue in the music industry during a possible second shutdown. Some ways are artist donation links….places like Live Nation and Afton Shows offer virtual live performance concerts. Afton Shows are open to all artists who sign up with them. Artists can do their own concerts using the livestream platform on livestream.com. This platform you can go live from all your social media platforms simultaneously and add others to include all of their social media platforms also. Meaning that a promoter could coordinate a concert and still make money. There are video apps where you can create short videos or long videos to keep your audience engaged during the pandemic. Quick is an app that is quick and easy that is high resolution without the extra cost and you can remove the watermark. Just some Blonde Intelligence suggestions…

Artists…you have had a trial run with Covid-19. Now, which crew are you with….Artists….what would you do if you get caught with your pants down…

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