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Atlanta activist Sir Maejor Page, accused of diverting $200,000 in Black Lives Matter donations to himself

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Atlanta activist Sir Maejor Page, accused of misappropriating 0,000 in Black Lives Matter donations

Sir Maejor Page, also known as Tyree Conyers-Page has been charged with money laundering and wire fraud after he allegedly used money through his Black Lives Matter nonprofit GoFundMe account for personal purchases.

An investigation by the FBI concluded that Maejor had created a Facebook page called Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta and had been soliciting money through the page. “In June 2020, receiving approximately $36,000 in donations, in July 2020, and approximately $371,000 in donations, and in August 2020, an additional $60,000. All of this money was allegedly transferred from the social media donations to the bank account titled and operated in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, Inc’,

The FBI said Page responded to messages through the Facebook account in June telling people that their “funds had been donated to be used to fight for George Floyd and that none of ‘the funds have been used for personal items. “All movement related.’”

Per the FBI investigation Page had used more than $200,000 to make personal purchases including a home in Toldeo, Ohio and an adjacent lot that totaled about $112,000, a security system, tailored suits and accessories, as well as purchases in the thousands from Walmart and Home Depot.

Page was arrested and taken into custody Friday.

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