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Billboard Charting Artist, Jaysin Voxx talks to Cali.FM, New Music “Departure” dropping 4/2

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Jaysin Voxx is a product of the San Francisco Bay Area Music Machine. Edgy, talented, and driven, Voxx is a powerful singer and songwriter who has fused a style and brand that mixes Alternative Pop, Dance, and Hip-Hop, ultimately shaping his clever writing, bold presence, and strong vocals. (Bio)

Voxx speaks with Cali.FM’s Lashaun Turner about his upcoming release and more

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in the music industry?

I grew up in the Cali Bay Area. Music there is a religion. The hustle, the grind, and you better not be just a studio boy, live is everything! I cut my teeth with a bunch of friends from school. My boys all rapped and I was the only singer, so I just became the hook.

We would randomly go up to girls, always for the ladies lol, and drop something hot. Trial by fire and I was quick to spit melodies and lines that got some very amorous responses ha! Next I started doing shows and winning competitions around the South Bay mostly, getting my name known.

A label then snapped me up outta high school which was serious education. I recorded, performed and did a lot of studying, and in a few years I moved to L.A. where I got an awesome opportunity to work with Akon and Konvict Muzik. I dropped a hook that was instantly loved and that was how I really got started in the industry.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new album “Departure”. Can you describe the process from start to finish, how long did it take, and what can fans expect to hear on it?

Thank you so much, yeah I’m very excited for my album “Departure”, my first offering on my new label Motive Music Canada. The process was definitely a rollercoaster, nothing in this business is ever easy, don’t let’em lie on it.

I’m always writing and recording new songs, so song selection wasn’t difficult, but it did take me making some smart decisions at the fork in the road to get it all completed. The first amazing blessing was working with renowned industry Mix Engineer Keith Armstrong (Jonas Brothers, 5 Seconds of Summer, Backstreet Boys).

This man came up in the building that first made Eminem famous! Keith really enriched my songs and gave me that “in-your-face” that’s my brand. The second amazing blessing has been my new label. My management, Loki Entertainment Canada, brokered a deal for me with Motive Music. Motive is based out of Toronto, the same city that spawned chart killers like Drake and the Weeknd.

Motive will drop my album “Departure” this coming April 2nd, Distributed by IDLA and Merlin Music.
Again… April 2nd 2021, go get “Departure”!

​I see you are recently signed with the label Motive Music out of Toronto, how did that come about and how has it impacted your music?

Yezziiiiir, that’s my squad! Motive Music Canada and Gee Wunder have got some really exciting things planned for me and my music. This year is so lit! Travis Todd of Loki Entertainment shopped around for the right fit for me and found that Motive Music is the most active Record Label in Toronto.

They have helped refine and fatten my sound, perfect for those clubs all over the World that are finally opening up now that CoVID seems to be getting a bit better, Amen! My management and label are spreading the Jaysin Voxx sound across the planet, and we are already seeing big numbers on my socials!

You can find all my social links and sign up as a Voxxer for goodies on my Official Site www.JaysinVoxx.com

Billboard Charting Artist, Jaysin Voxx talks to Cali.FM about New Music Release

Billboard Charting Artist, Jaysin Voxx talks to Cali.FM about New Music Release “Departure” dropping 4/2

You previously attained a Billboard Charting record with the single “Cause Everytime”, walk us through that experience? Did you know it was destined for success when you recorded it?

Dood, radio is sooo much fun! These days most things are streaming, but I really love radio promotions. It’s so kuhl getting those weekly reports and seeing what markets just added you and where your rank is, so addictive and fulfilling! One week I see I’m right below Ariana Grande and above Jason Derulo, then the following week I jump between Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, one of my favs btw.

Yeah, some songs you do get a feeling, like you just know it’s gonna hit! Kinda like when a photographer is shooting you and gets all excited or just has to show you the snap they just got. I loved “Cause Everytime” the moment I started writing it, but that hook is a Monster for real! A new version, re-mastered and featuring rapper Master MC from the East Coast is included on my new album “Departure”. Also, the highly anticipated “Hands On Me” will be finally available worldwide.

You can watch my award-winning video for “Hands On Me” and other videos on youtube. My label will be servicing new songs to radio soon and I can’t wait to see who I’m charting next to this round. “Radio, someone still loves you.”

Jaysin Voxx – Hands On Me! [Official Video]

Billboard Charting Artist, Jaysin Voxx talks to Cali.FM about New Music Release “Departure” dropping 4/2

​I see you are collaborating internationally, describe your style, and where do you think your music is best received and why?

I love to collaborate. To share concepts and visions. I love finding other Artists that write their own songs like I do; that seems to be pretty rare lately. My music has allowed me to travel to such incredible places and every time it inspires something new outta me.

jaysin voxx, music, departureA couple songs on “Departure” will definitely feed my growing fanbase of Voxxers in India and throughout Asia for sure. Also, having visited the Philippines before the pandemic, my collaboration with Platinum Producer Keith Martin on our song “Never Forget, What You’ve Done”, which was added as a tribute to the 9/11 tragedy, this powerful ballad we believe will speak to a lot of listeners.

My style is mostly Dance Pop, but one song on the album “Tha Lo Lo” has an intense urban feel, kinda throwback like Bruno Mars. I also dig a fusion of Pop with EDM and types of House. I like to party, so my vibe is playful sexual, and positive, kinda like if Flo Rida was a singer.
My music, Jaysin Voxx style, is best received really everywhere, everywhere people wanna party and have fun!

Anything else you would like our readers to know and what’s the best way to keep up with what you have going on?

First of all, much thanks and appreciation to Cali.FM Radio, this was a blast!
Go now to www.JaysinVoxx.com ( my Official Website )
Sign up to be a Voxxer!
Get “Departure” April 2nd … Voxxer’s get special links
and remember to

– JV

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