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Opinion: Massive Carfentanil seizure underscores need to close & secure borders 9/28/21

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The recent announcement of the largest seizure of the drug carfentanil, in Riverside County, underscores the need for increased border security, and closed borders, to curtail the influx of illicit drugs into our country.

The vast majority of synthetic opioids that are coming into our country are coming from across our southern border into the United States,” said D.E.A. Assistant Special Agent Misha Piastro.

21kg Carfentanil


The Riverside County District Attorney announced two individuals Andres Jesus Morales, DOB: 8-16-91; and Alyssa Christine Ponce, DOB: 7-16-94, have each been charged in with four felonies for possession for sales of fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin.
Details laid out in the release state that on Aug. 17, Riverside police served a search warrant at a home on Glimmer Way in Perris and seized the 21 kilos of carfentanil, four kilos of cocaine, and one kilo of heroin.

On Sept. 14, detectives served another search warrant at a home on Limousin Street in Perris. A narcotics detective and his canine partner “Link” searched the residence and located another 16 kilos of cocaine in the garage.

Morales and Ponce were arrested and booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center.
JADED: Nearly all the crime stories I’ve covered in the last month involved Fentanyl. There is a definite and palpable crisis going on in the Inland Empire.

I will also mention I previously worked in corrections as a nurse and at that time could sense the rise in use, increase in crime and devastation this drug is having on our community.

It is no secret that Mexican mafia and drug cartels using the southern border are responsible for this influx of Fentanyl and it’s derivatives.
Just another in a seemingly unabashed, unrelenting assault on this country from our southern borders.

The Biden and Harris administration are doing nothing to curtail the rampant out of control border(s). And, as their inaction continues, so will the crime, deaths, and devastation of this opioid crisis.


There is something also to be said for the supply & demand aspect. There are politicians in California who agree with decriminalizing small amounts of drugs for personal use.
They almost have a can’t beat em, join em, philosophy it seems. The fact that so many people want to get high on Fentanyl must mean it has a mental health use or something right? Wrong!

If you know the left coast this is how some think. San Francisco will set up safe use spaces with personnel standing buy to administer Narcan to these illicit drug users because – well, who knows why?

This whole strategy does nothing but encourage more drug use and subsequent mortality as evidenced by the number of deaths due to overdoses exceeding the number of deaths due to Covid last year in their city.

Until our local and federal government commit to closing borders, we will continue to see the use and abuse of our systems and resources perpetually chasing its tail on an opioid crisis they are complicit in.

The scariest line in the release from the District Attorney is, if mixed in with other drugs, the 21 kilos of carfentanil seized could have been enough to potentially kill more than 50 million people.

Recent high profile celebrity deaths including that of the Wire actor Michael K. Williams, involved an accidental overdose via a cocktail of drugs including Fentanyl.
This has solely been my Jaded Opinion, you are welcome to yours in the comments below!

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