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Cheaters: When Your Wife is Not the Love of Your Life -How I got Entangled in 2021

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JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade-Lashaun Turner

AND THIS ONE IS PERSONAL! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN/WATCH THE VIDEO TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER- but this is the story of how I found myself entangled with a Pathological Liar and why I TOLD HIS WIFE.
cheater wife love life entanglementGood Morning.. This is how I wake up after finding out just b4 my son got married yesterday– that the man I’ve been dating is MARRIED. Took a lil longer than usual. This man is someone that has mutual FB connects and has also dated or tried to date a couple of you. I won’t be posting his pic or his name.
I call him six6 because he’s 6’6. I’ve been inadvertently entangled numerous times BUT THIS GUY TAKES ALL THE CAKE. and for any woman out there who’s married to a guy like this I feel really sorry for you! I’m mad  but dayum he really dissed his wife. I spoke to her yesterday. DO NOT APPROACH ME IF U R MARRIED IT WILL NOT TURN OUT IN YOUR FAVOR.
Six6 #2
wife love life entangledShe was tryna figure out how we could have been dating for months and I said i dunno- are yawl in an open marriage and she said no but they had had some problems and felt they were working thru them. But when I tell you this man is a serial pathological liar- the likes i have never encountered in 56 yrs- he is the Best at it..We did all kinda ish- he was with me in December when I went to Laguna Beach- he came at like 11am and stayed til 9pm brought me lunch & dessert.
We spent a whole day at the lake one date- picnic in the park another- many lunches etc. many dates.. But it was a Perfect storm of scenarios that gave him cover- especially the part about him working 10pm-6am and on duty weekends- but this story gets even crazier of course- as i first met him 16 years ago when he was 25 and i was 40.
Since that time he’s been married twice but has always told me I was the Love of his Life and he always wanted to be my boy toy lol ..sigh- We had so much history it’s kinda cray cray… He told me he had been divorced since December 2019. After being celibate a number of years back then in 2006 -he is the one who got my groove back ..so much history – mostly bad tho.
#staytuned be nosey- blast but not blast- i won’t identify him we had several dozen mutual friends 99% women- i went down the list with him and he has dated a couple women who has been on my show ………..that part i believe..lol


Imagine me telling her about her cheating husband and then saying oh- I ACTAULLY MET YOU ONCE… and he was texting me on your honeymoon too…..….
So, Six6 has been after me an ENTIRE DECADE PLUS thru 2 marriages. In the beginning (16 yrs ago) when stella got her groove back with a young and impressionable 6’6 Fine as FXck young man- I was not seeking love at that time- what I found was a young man who was capable of getting me sprung and I was wary of that..

When Six6 told me he thought he’d want to marry me one day, pretty early on- I BAILED cause I thought It was suspicious. HE IS THE ONLY MAN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE that could have possibly gotten money outta me- I was super attracted and he IS to this day- the best ummmm BUDDY I’ve ever had! PERIODT! ( sorry to my other ex’s on FB)

So anyway, we split that 1st time but a couple years later we started seeing each other a few times again and then a few years later we ended up going to vegas together like 2010 or so. Vegas was the MOST EPIC memory I’ve ever had with a man- like a movie until -it went ALL WRONG. He ended up going MIA for an entire night and to this day I don’t believe he was just gambling . And so after that I stopped speaking to him, But, we were connected on FB and he would inbox me and text me from time to time for years saying hi & asking to hook up again ETC .


Fast forward to 2015- I happen to see a post on the newsfeed that wished him and his wife a Happy Valentines day and had tagged his wife in it- THAT IS THE ONLY way I knew he was married and that was in 2015. So when I clicked on her name and her page I saw the honeymoon pics from Puerto Rico or somewhere and I looked at the dates & then looked at my text messages and this fool was texting me WHILE HE WAS ON HIS HONEYMOON telling me how he wanted to be with me..

Then in 2016 ish he saw me post I was going to Newport for a daycation and he begged me to have lunch. Now, I knew he was married but we had been connected for 10 years and I said as FRIENDS -yes, he could. So, we had lunch and just caught up- he tried EXTREMELY hard to get nasty but I was like Absolutely not- ,,
that day he professed all kind of love for me- he has always said I am the love of his life – and he is the 1st man to call me BEAUTIFUL and I felt that way with him. He always greeted me Hello Beautiful & Love of my Life.

After 2016 – he kept messaging me on FB and texts at birthday/holidays etc. Kept trying to take me out and I would always say NO cause you’re MARRIED!.
In 2018 when he had been going at me hard again – I ran into he and his wife (WHEN HE HAD TOLD ME THEY WERE SEPERATED)- …later he would say he was going thru MARRIAGE COUNSELING at the CHURCH. The night #DerrickNotDarrick and I went to Watch Service- Six6 and wife were there and you shoulda seen the surprise on his face when I walked up to them lol..

But I just said hey, how ya doing etc… and I was with my boyfriend so I’m sure she just thought I was some old acquaintance etc. Little did she know he was regularly asking to take me out.. But, it was really after him seeing me in person again Dec 31, 2018 that he got almost like obsessed. By mid 2019 he was regularly interacting with me especially when my relationship with #derricknotdarrick ended. By the end of that year and into the beginning of the pandemic he was full court pressing me and that’s when he said he and his wife had DIVORCED.

Of the 10 or 11 yrs on FB he never commented publicly on a post until he saw me posting about Cordell- and that was when he asked if he could date me and so when Cordell didn’t work out, we started talking ..

So people – I kinda understood the type of dude he was ( altho he swore he was not the man he was when we 1st met or when we had that EPIC yet ill-fated Vegas trip) -but because I had sat almost a year in a pandemic- single- I decided the risk vs reward was minimal- a chance to be with the only guy that ever actually could blow my mind ( and my back out) .

TBH after all is said and done- I ENJOYED IT..lol but as we now know – he wasn’t divorced- and I’m gonna tell you how I finally confirmed it- in my next post..
I told his wife what she wanted to know about and some…Not to hurt her- but to let her know FULLY what the man she is married to is out here doin..


cheaters wife love entangledCheaters: When Your Wife is Not the Love of Your Life -How I got Entangled in 2021-Lashaun Turner

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