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Breaking news: Al B Sure says Christopher Williams is in a coma 11/8/21

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A post on R&B singer’s Al B. Sure social media Monday night asked for prayers for Christopher Williams.

The post says “Please pray for my better looking twin brother in a coma”.

al b sure, christopher williams,

The two are actually cousins and not twin brothers. Both are known for their unforgettable songs in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

One commenter who appears to know the family or possible related comes in the comments and says :

Christopher is not in a coma… He’s being treated for Covid, however why would you post something like this this was a private family matter?… When you went through your things you wanted people to be private about your business… Please remove this! – Carolyn Griffey

There then seems to be some back and forth with other commenters who signaled they would be praying for Williams.

No official word if any of this is true or not.  The post also appears on Al’s Instagram feed.

Christopher Williams

We certainly will send prayers to Christopher Williams and his family.

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