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Deanna Richmond releases an Afropop tune, titled “Mon Amour”

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Deanna Richmond is a singer-songwriter born in Portugal with American and African origins. After her debut EP release, Auspicious in 2018, and two Afrobeat tunes thereafter, Deanna Richmond also released an inspiring R&B song with a Hip hop beat, titled “Dream” in January 2020. Deanna is releasing an Afropop tune that shows once again her vocal versatility as an artist. “Mon Amour” is a French American music project. French DJ Madyface first learned about Deanna Richmond in 2019, when Afrobeat “My Power” was released. The idea of working together was put in motion, and French Music Producer William Fonseca was entrusted with creation of  the “Mon Amour” beat.

Deanna Richmond’s easy going lyrics and refreshing vocals, invite listeners to enjoy the beat that makes you want to dance and have fun. “Mon Amour” is like a summer love that you will never forget.
“Mon Amour” great vibe melody, and Deanna Richmond vocals, go to perfection with the beat. The lyrics in English and French, and the Afropop elements of this composition make this a very enjoyable tune.
“Mon Amour” is about spreading love and great vibes.” – Deanna Richmond

Born in Portugal, Deanna was exposed to many cultures and experiences at an early age, Deanna’s music is her gift to the world in so much need of love and peace. You can stay in contact with Deanna Richmond through:
Website www.deannarichmond.net
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7qHGV-O-hBhusp2368KDmg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isjust.deanna/?hl=en

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