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Female Director of HUSH: Hollywood’s Uncovered Sexual Harassment on Harvey Weinstein

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HEADLINE ->Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades-Explosive New York Times report said Weinstein had previously settled eight sexual harassment claims.

“Judging Weinstein is not the solution to end sexual harrassment. The continuous candid conversations about the heavy issue will provoke change in Hollywood.” -Angela M. Hutchinson, PBS Documentarian.

Producer, writer and entrepreneur Angela Marie Hutchinson produced the feature PBS documentary, H.U.S.H. about Hollywood’s Uncovered Sexual Harassment. H.U.S.H. marks Hutchinson’s directorial debut. In response to Harvey Weinstein’s recent sexual harassment allegations, Hutchinson urges professionals to host HUSH screenng parties followed by a candid conversation with the family and friends. “One of the best ways to reduce sexual harassment in the industry is simply to talk about it. The documentary is an enlightening way to address a serious issue. We had a viewing party in Atlanta, and it was a huge success. I’m hosting another one in Dallas in November.”

According to Hutchinson, H.U.S.H. is not just a documentary but a movement. “In a society where women are often objectified, sexual harassment is not only extremely prevalent but often overlooked, especially in the entertainment industry,” says HUSH Associate Producer, Kausar Mohammed. “Our documentary gives a voice to the many women who have been through such experiences, in attempts to garner greater attention to a contributing factor that hinders the success of women in the industry.”

More About Hutchinson

Filmmaker and entrepreneur Angela Marie Hutchinson is a mother of three young children and has been married for 14 years to a rocket scientist. She graduated from the University of Michigan with an Industrial & Operations Engineering degree and holds a Cross-Media Journalism Certificate from USC. In 2005, she founded the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Breaking into Hollywood (BiH) to help entertainment professionals pursue their careers. As a Casting Director, Hutchinson has cast celebrities such as Vanessa Williams, Billy Dee Williams and other rising stars. Additionally, Hutchinson has authored six published books and her first e-book that was named by Rolling Out magazine as “the go-to guide for entrepreneurs to launch a business in 24 hours.” Hutchinson is represented as an author by an East Coast literary agency.


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