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Exclusive Interview with EDM Artist, DJ, Producer, “OSMIA” @MsLashaunTurner @OsmiaMusic

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“Be Without You” is a powerful EDM collaboration between Osmia and Christina Novelli. Released a few months ago the single grows up fast day by day with over 300k streams on YouTube and over 4+ millions plays on SoundCloud. Osmia is a new entry artist in Electronic Dance Music. He was in top Uplifting Trance Juno Charts with his first album “Beyond The Limits” released in 2015. Also he has played at international festivals and other gigs. Christina Novelli as everyone knows, is one of the best vocal artists in Trance music with a high background at Armada Music and several collaborations with big artists like: Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, MarLo and many more. That’s why this collaboration on the track “Be Without You” is so special.

1) So that people can get to know you better, tell us your background.
Hey, I’m Cosmin, Osmia stage name. First of all I’m a music producer and Dj. In a few words or highlights, I produce and play music for over 10 years with several singles on radios over time, one album released in 2015 which became the best selling album in trance charts on Juno and many collaborations with various artists and studios. Also I play music for some big festivals like Untold Festival, Snow Fest + many more. Of course you will find all my biography and discography on my social media, these are just some short highlights.

2) Where does your love and passion for EDM come from?
Hmmm… I remember that I started listening to Trance/PsyTrance music around about…2005-2006 year and then somewhere in 2008-2009 I started to produce trance with progressive vibes, vocal trance after which I went more and more to electronic house. So yes, the EDM for me is a various of styles/genres but I try on every single to come with something new, some new elements or styles. I love EDM music, but also I love a lot of other genres like pop, hip hop, rock for example, music is unlimited like producing and perception, you know?

3) Your current single “Be Without You”, tell us a little bit about that song..
“Be Without You” is one of my best of single released till now in collaboration with a great artist and beautiful voice Christina Novelli. I worked hard and put a lot of time in this track to sound not so streamy but also not so underground, you know? I wanted to be something complicated like composition but also to sound very simple for anyone who listen to it and very important to give that powerful emotions and feelings to listeners.

4) Are you working on any new projects this year?
Yes I have some future new projects, a lot of new demos and tracks in work, also some experimental tracks and also some new big collaborations in progress, but hey… I will love to update and tell you more here after they are done and ready to release

5) Where can fans find you online and purchase/stream your music?
I try to stay active on social media as much as possible and for music just type on youtube, spotify, beatport @osmia or osmia music.

Download or Stream:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/2woWotmR7SwkTNa5ULG3V2
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/ro/album/be-with…ingle/1397932362

Follow Osmia:
Facebook: facebook.com/OSMIAmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/OSMIAmusic
YouTube: youtube.com/OSMIAmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/OSMIAmusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/OSMIA/tracks
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/OSMIA/uploads

Follow Christina Novelli:
Website: www.christina-novelli.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Christina.Novelli.music
Instagram: instagram.com/christinanovelli
Twitter: twitter.com/MissCNovelli
Soundcloud: @christinanovelli

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