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Illegal Guatemalan migrant street vendors complain about permits-Opinion: Throw The Whole Cart Away! 6/17/21

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Illegal Guatemalan migrant street vendors complain about permits-Opinion: Throw The Whole Cart Away! 6/17/21

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JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade-Lashaun Turner

Follow the insanity here. People who broke the law to come to America are complaining and breaking the food vendor laws in Los Angeles. Wow, that is no surprise smdh!

LA street vendors describe challenges to acquiring permits after their food is thrown out:
Illegal Guatemalan migrant street vendors complain about permit-video

Protests and activists plus main stream news coverage seemingly sympathetic to them. When in actuality  we as citizens should be irate that these people are coming here using all these resources and energy to address their  illegal issues- look at this- now the City is looking into a way to help them. Sigh..

Oh no, they want a Moratorium,  THEY WANT A HALT TO THE PROCESS THAT HAS BEEN IN PLACE TO HELP SECURE PUBLIC HEALTH- they want to let the illegals come over here an upset our food safety policies so that they can sell tacos and empanadas on the streets.

#tags Guatemalan Migrant, Street Vendors:

guatemalan migrant street vendors

I don’t get it- why have rules and regulations then. Just free for all this dumpster fire called Los Angeles and more broadly California. Priorities all back-asswards.

The proliferation of street vendors has been a pet peeve of mine. In the area where I live there are vendors EVERYWHERE, and if  you aren’t careful someone will park a cart on your property if it’s by a busy intersection -causing entrance and egress problems for those of us who aren’t having anything to do with tacos and empanadas out your truck.

I’ll never forget, someone told me a story about a black BBQ man that got his whole cart tossed- which at the time was peculiar ( ok probably a race thing) and how the man cried. Meanwhile Guatemalan and Mexican vendors were seen near by- untouched.-

I don’t care what your HYPHEN is- the laws should be applicable to everyone equally. If a permit is required for public safety than that’s it! Get one or get out the game.


  • There are health and safety codes when dealing with selling food in place for a reason. But I think these are the same ppl who are used to getting what they want, used to entering countries illegally and getting away with it. And now think they are entitled to more special treatment.
  • If people do not have permits and registration who is responsible if they make customers sick??? Learn to follow rules like everyone else and go back to your own country if you are illegal. There are no customer’s rights there..
  • Feel free to get a brick and mortar business. Pay taxes. Stop parking your carts and trucks adjacent to REAL businesses

#tags Guatemalan Migrant, Street Vendors:

guatemalan migrant, street vendors
Photo url- The World

JADED:– I say throw the whole cart out. Bye!- can you believe our Country is so great that you can come here illegally- get on main stream news and complain or take issue with the laws, while you continue to break them and some people will really give a F*ck about your food being tossed- Not me, FOOH!  Extra JADE– one thing about LEGAL IMMIGRANTS at least they seem to try to want to blend into the American culture- these new illegal folks don’t even speak English, over here breaking laws and shit!

Not to mention these vendors pose unfair business practices upon legal establishments,  because they don’t have all the expenses of permits, health department, workers comp insurance etc. They don’t pay taxes or any of that. So real local businesses are impacted financially also. It’s all bad for the people who are trying to succeed legally. No matter how you cut it- we are subsidizing and prioritizing illegals over everything! Get a permit and STFU- also you can exit stage left if you don’t like the laws here  ba-bye!

This has been my JADED opinion. You are welcome to yours -just not here!

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JAED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade-Lashaun Turner

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