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I Paid $1,000 Dollars for Spotify Promotion.. this is what happened (video)

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I Paid ,000 Dollars for Spotify Promotion.. this is what happened (video)

Everyone in the music industry wants to know how to get playlisted on spotify. How to get on Spotify official playlists. Should I pay for playlisting on spotify? How important are spotify playlists? Is paying for Spotify playlisting illegal? How can I grow my spotify? Well I have wondered these questions myself. Although I am not an artist I wanted to run a little experiment to see if buying Spotify promotion would be worth it. I spent $1,000 on spotify playlisting and the results were actually way better than my gut expected. I did the same thing for Tik Tok and it was a total failure. I was hoping to have more luck on Spotify and I did significantly better! If you need music promotion tips, or music marketing tips, or spotify marketing tips, or a spotify promotion strategy: this video just may help you!

Lashaun’s Tweet on LIZZO quoted in the BBC NEWS

One of my tweets was quoted in the news! Facebook's decision to delete negative comments from Lizzo's accounts was largely...


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