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JADED Op-ed: Black, Heterosexual, Fat, Female Blogger agrees with Trumps Execution plans- Kill Them All!

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JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade- Lashaun Turner-

Black criminals who killed black people including a man who tortured his own 2 and ½ year old daughter to death, can all catch a lethal injection. (Personally I think the aforementioned killer/child abuser should have his head bashed in like he did his own flesh and blood).  And that is where I stand. You are either for or against the death penalty and I happen to be for it.

Black on Black Crime doesn’t exist I’m hearing. Or, it’s a racist concept I’m told. Therefore crime is crime and criminals are criminals- so the fact that these 3 men (and the others are people of color) does not sway in my mind of whether or not each one of them should be executed. If these convicts have exhausted their due process, then the end of the line is at the end of a rope. Kill Them ALL.

A little bit about my background. I worked in corrections briefly during my nursing career. I have had inmate (patients) who were murderers, rapists, child molesters you name it. I took care of an inmate on the day he was sentenced to death. You would have thought HE was the victim because all sorts of protocols go into place to help the convicted cope and adjust to a death penalty sentence. They are far more supported than the victims families.

I have seen the inmate life and I have to tell you, it isn’t all that bad. The inmates have so many “rights”, medical, dental, food, everything given to them. And they continue to live, breathe, watch tv, go to the gym, see their family members, celebrate birthdays and holidays, while their victims in all cases died prematurely, senselessly and brutally, and will never be able to enjoy not one more single breath, moment, memory etc

Inmates (maybe not death row) get married, conjugal visits, sex, – the dating sites are littered with them. I’ve even seen inmates go live on Facebook.

Federal Executions

For seventeen years, no federal prisoners were put to death in the United States, and both public sentiment and Supreme Court case law have trended against capital punishment. When President Bill Clinton signed the 1994 crime bill, eighty per cent of the public supported the death penalty in cases of murder; only fifty-five per cent do today. (New Yorker)

Executions Scheduled for Inmates Convicted of Brutal Murders Many Years Ago

Alfred Bourgeois abused, tortured, and beat to death his young daughter.  After a paternity test identified Bourgeois as the father of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl and a court ordered that he pay child support to the mother, Bourgeois took temporary custody of his daughter and brought her with him on a trucking route.  While on the trip, Bourgeois systematically abused and tortured her — including by punching her in the face, whipping her with an electrical cord, and burning the bottom of her foot with a cigarette lighter.  In July 2002, Bourgeois arrived at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station for a delivery.  While backing his truck up to a loading dock, his daughter tipped over her training potty.  Bourgeois became enraged and repeatedly slammed the back of her head into the truck’s window and dashboard, killing her.  On March 16, 2004, a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas found Bourgeois guilty of murder within the special territorial jurisdiction of the United States, and unanimously recommended a death sentence, which the court imposed.  His conviction and sentence were affirmed on appeal, and his requests for collateral relief were ultimately rejected by federal courts. In July 2019, his execution was scheduled for Jan. 13, 2020, but legal impediments prevented the government from proceeding at that time.  Bourgeois is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Dec. 11, 2020, at the Federal Correctional Complex, Terre Haute, Indiana.


Dustin John Higgs kidnapped and murdered three women — Tamika Black, 19; Tanji Jackson, 21; and Mishann Chinn, 23.  One evening in January 1996, Higgs and two friends drove to Washington, D.C., to pick up Black, Jackson, and Chinn, whom Higgs had invited to his apartment in Laurel, Maryland.  At the apartment, Jackson rebuffed an advance by Higgs and the women left.  Higgs offered the women a ride back to Washington, D.C., but instead drove to a secluded area in the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge, ordered the women out of the vehicle, gave a gun to one of the friends, and said, “better make sure they’re dead.”  The other man shot Black and Jackson in the chest and back, and shot Chinn in the back of the head, killing all three women.  On Oct.11, 2000, a jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland found Higgs guilty of numerous federal offenses, including three counts of first-degree premeditated murder, three counts of first-degree felony murder, and three counts of kidnapping resulting in death, and unanimously recommended nine death sentences, which the court imposed.  Higgs’ convictions and sentences were affirmed on appeal nearly 17 years ago, and his initial round of collateral challenges failed nearly eight years ago.  Higgs is scheduled to be executed on Jan. 15, 2021.


Cory Johnson murdered seven people — Peyton Johnson, Louis Johnson, Bobby Long, Dorothy Armstrong, Anthony Carter, Linwood Chiles, and Curtis Thorne — in furtherance of his drug-trafficking activities.  Between 1989 and July 1992, Johnson and several co-conspirators, including federal death-row inmates Richard Tipton and James Roane, were partners in a large drug-trafficking conspiracy based in Richmond, Virginia.  In early 1992, Johnson went on a killing spree, shooting and killing each of the seven victims for perceived slights or rivalry in the drug trade.  Johnson shot one victim at close range after ordering him to place his head on a car steering wheel.  Johnson shot and killed another victim at the victim’s home when he failed to pay for crack cocaine — and Johnson also murdered the victim’s sister and a male acquaintance.  In February 1993, a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia found Johnson guilty of numerous federal offenses, including seven counts of capital murder, and unanimously recommended seven death sentences, which the court imposed.  Johnson’s convictions and sentences were affirmed on appeal more than 24 years ago, and his initial round of collateral challenges failed 15 years ago.  Johnson’s execution initially was scheduled to occur in May 2006, but a preliminary injunction prevented the government from proceeding until it was vacated this September.  Johnson is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Jan. 14, 2021, at the Federal Correctional Complex, Terre Haute, Indiana.

  Pro’s, Con’s and Racial Disparities in Death Sentencing

Proponents of the death penalty say it is an important tool for preserving law and order, a useful deterrent, and the associated costs are less than paying for a life imprisonment. Proponents feel that “an eye for an eye” honors the victim and gives closure to grieving families while ensuring that the perpetrators of heinous crimes never have an opportunity to kill in society again.

Opponents of capital punishment say it has no deterrent effect on crime, wrongly gives governments the power to take human life, and perpetuates social injustices by disproportionately targeting people of color and people who cannot afford good attorneys. Opponents think lifetime jail sentences are more severe and less expensive than punishment by death.

 Federal Executions

(NAACP) There are 63 people on federal death row, and 37 are people of color.  Twenty-seven of these individuals are black. Several reviews of the federal death penalty have found troubling racial disparities in charging, plea bargaining, sentencing, and executions. For example, a review conducted by the United States Department of Justice found that 48 percent of White defendants were able to receive a sentence less than death through plea bargaining.  Yet, only 25 percent of Black defendants and 28 percent of Hispanic defendants were able to plead guilty in exchange for life sentences.

There is truth to this. But in this case, the truth, does not mean you should be set free. What it means is that the scale of justice needs to be fair and equitable, I agree. Wholeheartedly. Kill Them all! Expeditiously. If you brutally murder someone not in self defense, not accidently-no matter what race the victim or perpetrator- you should receive a death penalty after due process – that is my opinion.

The only cure for child molesters is DEATH- breaking the cycle of human sexual predators. 

JADED:  As my readers know, I am particularly JADED on child molesters and abusers.

Alfred Bourgeois lawyers cited two IQ test scores of 68 and 70, adaptive impairments and deficiencies dating back to when he was a minor as evidence of his intellectual disability. But he was able to get a truck driver’s license, function in society, procreate and navigate getting temporary custody for the child he ultimately killed. Get the entire FUCK out of here!

The arguments for sparing these people are pathetic. One website reporting on the topic compared the female Manson murderers who are still alive in prison- to the one female on the execution list Lisa Montgomery (not profiled in this article)- who killed a woman and cut her baby out of her- saying if Manson followers are still alive sitting in prison–that this woman should be allowed to live also. I disagree. I think they all deserve the same punishment and from this day forward anyone who kills a woman and cuts a baby out of her should die by BUTCHERY!. ( I actually know someone accused of this currently awaiting trial- a black man killed mother and unborn baby) One lawyer has argued that his client has been a “model” inmate and deserves a second chance.. sigh.

Dustin John Higgs orchestrated the kidnap and ordered the murder of 3 women whether he pulled the trigger or not, he should be punished.

Cory Johnson murdered seven people- enough said.

The fix is in-how you execute the punishment ( pun intended) if you do A B C, homicide, and are found guilty, an exhaust appeals, still guilty, then- you get a Firing Squad,  Electric Chair, or Lethal Injection PERIODT- no plea agreements. The penalty is death!

You can’t fix the wrongs of the past but you can right the process going forward.

For the record I am in NO WAY a TRUMPER- quite frankly he can kick rocks as far as I’m concerned. I hope to see him behind bars as well one of these days. Trump’s motivations and timing are suspect unquestionably. He is pardoning his White friends (not of capital murder) in one pen stroke and ordering executions  of People of Color in another. Whatever karma exists in this realm will catch up to him and I’ll be all for it. The optics may be one thing but the fact is these murderers killed mercilessly, horribly and indiscriminately. They should die for their actions. Sooner rather than later.


P.S- I just wanted to throw a little extra shade on  the use of labels in the title. Ridiculous right?

If you’d like to get my opinion on a topic Email Info@Cali.FM your idea and I may write about it here at Cali.FM🙂


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