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Kindness Pandemic Symptom of Change

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Kindness Pandemic Symptom of Change


My intention is to share information about the entertainment industry, little known facts, and information about performers. Everyone loves insider information. My response has been impressive, so I will continue……but not in this post. My intention is to share our common bond of pandemic confusion and the need to bond. We have watched an arc, a progression from the initial shock and awe to our weary stand today. Because of our nature as human beings, the need for approval has spilled over to social media in unexpected ways. Wrestling with the reality of isolation and death, we turn more often to social media and binge-watching television. There is a shared empathy for friends struggling with loss of loved ones. Kindness rises in the lives of people formerly too busy to feel the pain of others. This beautiful emotion brings people together who never meet in person. This is a powerful move toward unity and spiritual advances.

Another result of this plague is the rise of bullying. On social media anonymity gifts angry people with the power to strike out at people who do not share ideology and experiences. Permission to bully is implied through the silence of those who do not want to be involved. Hurtful comments fester in isolated people. Sitting in a lonely room and reading mean comments sends victims into depression and darkness. Former friends take pot shots because there is no consequence. Depression, substance abuse and broken relationships destroy.

Now is the time to self-check to make sure you shoulder any guilt as a bully. Have you been unkind, judgmental……snarky? Have you noticed a friend under attack or withdrawing with no support? Do you owe anyone an apology? Can you lend a hand to someone in need?

I have always been a part of inclusion, Pride, Black Lives Matter and Unity, yet I found myself under attack because of the color of my skin. Yes, I am white. Today, that sometimes makes me a target. I have two daughters, one vanilla, one mocha, and they share my love equally. I am involved in multiple non-profits, including Black Lives Matter and Prison Reform for inmates treated unfairly because of the color of their skin. I am a writer. Everyone needs my words to create changes and bring justice. I am glad to help. It is not an easy path today, but my goal is to empower people struggling with injustice of every kind.

Please stand with me for justice. Work with me to eliminate bullying and bring inclusion. Regardless of ideology, politics, and creed, make unity the goal. Seek out people struggling with isolation and loneliness and let them know you care. Let kindness guide us through this challenging time. Kindness and empathy are the emotions that will give us the power to overcome the insidious side effect of our Covid drama. Inclusive outreach to touch people you might have overlooked is the solution. We have not found the cure for Covid, but we have the cure for its side effect. The cure is LOVE. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.


Pure enjoyment from my Rainbow Tribe:

https://youtu.be/cEUihozNfOw  Kosmic Blues from “A Night With Janis Joplin”

https://youtu.be/NTqm-qGooeM ” Dream On” Top Rock
https://youtu.be/897_NV05VD0 “Home Sweet Home”

https://youtu.be/DM9ryCe4_UM “Black or White”

https://youtu.be/Fny-8Dm-QYI “Faithfully”

https://youtu.be/AS2dhZ3LFzk “Alone”

https://youtu.be/2kQGEOQ1YoA “Living On A Prayer”

https://youtu.be/1r6H1-oqpbc “One Night Only”


Sheryl Dolley, Writer, Producer

Sheryl Dolley is a wordsmith with a gift for enchanting words and heart-felt emotion. Marketing is her passion. She handles marketing, contracts and sponsorship. Sheryl writes PR for celebrities, real estate professionals, small businesses, non-profits and ghosts works for celebrities. Sheryl’s guerilla marketing strategies create cash flow, community awareness, and inspire action. A true connoisseur of delicious words, she makes the reader feel, see, and hear, stamping an imprint, an emotion that cannot be ignored. Words foster action. Success is the result. Celebrity ghost- writer, video producer, marketing specialist and publicist, Sheryl Dolley brings organization, documentation, research, and technical skill. Currently involved in production of film, music videos and documentaries, Sheryl Dolley has the power to design sizzling strategy and innovative visual imagery for unforgettable results. She is currently working on film and television projects from “Stranded On Death Row” (Suge Knight biopic) and a Soul Train documentary.  CEO of Sheryl Dolley Public Relations and Vice President of Marketing for La Bella Diva PR Agency and Urban Lifestyle Television Network, and partner in Lydia Harris Entertainment, she brings panache and aggressive marketing to clients. Relationships with networks and studios bring insider information and opportunities.

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