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Let The Music Play: Mr. Mosley “Musical Cocktail”

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mr. mosley

Steven Mosley is a Los Angeles based artist on the move in 2021. Also known by his stage name, Mr. Mosley, is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who has been singing since he was five years old. He credits his mother, an accomplished vocalist, for inspiring and giving him the foundation for his music career. His love of singing and music was also nurtured early on by his experiences performing at First Baptist Church where his dad was the Pastor.
Mr. Mosley would go on to have opportunities to sing at different school venues and would later receive scholarships to further pursue his passion for singing and performing.
Mr. Mosley says Gospel was his first love, but he eventually diversified into other genre’s. He now finds himself writing mostly R&B or Neo-soul music, but says he is very versatile and can adapt to any type of musical style.
His talent and versatility have allowed him to perform at big venues including the Avalon in Hollywood, Fox Theater, and the Walt Disney Music Hall downtown Los Angeles.
His latest project titled “Musical Cocktail” is a full 13 song album described as being a variety of songs, likening it to mixed drink cocktails but for music.
In producing the album Mr. Mosley said he wanted the ladies to have something to vibe on and says there are a few tracks for which he drew inspiration from being a young man growing up in the streets of Los Angeles- that will resonate with others.
Mr. Mosley’s current favorite from “Musical Cocktail” is a track called “California Dreaming”, which is about two young lovers merging to become a power team and enjoying the California lifestyle knowing that anything is possible if they stick together. He manages to tie the album together with a central theme of love- no matter what it is, even if it is love for the streets, which he says he had plenty of in his younger days.
The ‘Ocean Views’ music video off the “Musical Cocktail” album was filmed in Laguna Beach
Mr. Mosley says production started for the album about 8 months ago. With everything slowed or shutdown because of the pandemic he says it gave him extra time to focus on mixing all the right ingredients for his “Musical Cocktail”. The album is available now on all streaming platforms.

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