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@MsLashaunTurner in the flow with V-LO The Maestro @vlosworld

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V-LO The Maestro is an actor, hip-hop music artist, songwriter, and community activist. Raised in Washington Louisiana, Maestro has had a passion for music and entertainment since he was a child. His inspiring lyrics and motivational attitude can always be heard in his music. In this interview with Lashaun Turner, he speaks about his music journey, and the new release “Can’t Phase Me”.

 Tell us what your music journey has been like?

My music journey has been very unique to say the least. At the beginning of my entertainment career I was managing other music artists. It wasn’t until a few years after that I started making music of my own. I was always looked upon as the underdog because a lot people never really expected me to be successful in the entertainment industry.

How would you describe your musical style and what influenced it?

My musical style consists of a lot of storytelling, real-life experiences, and things that I always dreamed of doing. My journey has been a dream come true and I always talk about it in my music. I’m completely focused when I go into the studio to record songs because I take my career very seriously.

Your song and music video for “Can’t Phase Me”, is doing well, what went into the making of it?

That song is a very unique one. I wanted to make a song where I talked about no matter what people throw at you they can’t phase you and can’t knock you off your game when your focused. It’s basically a message to everyone that’s striving for something positive. This music video made it all the way to BET Jams so I’m extremely thankful for that.

If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artists or producers, to move your game to the top, with whom would you like to collaborate?

I would definitely love to work with DJ Khaled. He seems like he brings the best out in you. I love working with people like that. I would also love to have Dr. Dre produce some of my music because it seems everything he puts his hand on goes platinum. I’ve had the honor to work with some great artists so far in this industry like Kevin Gates, Young Buck, Project Pat, and more. I’m really excited about what the future holds for me.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

I enjoy being able to deliver a message to people through music. It doesn’t get any better than that. I always make sure I deliver positive messages though. What I don’t like about being a musician is after you put out an album or single the fans are already waiting for the next follow up project. But I understand that’s how it is because when your talented and people love what you do they always want to hear more.

Can you tell us about any upcoming music projects?

My third album The Vision 3 is scheduled for release on September 27th and it’s my first album release under Rocnation’s Equity Distribution so I’m very excited. They can also be on the lookout for a lot of new music videos coming from this album.

Which Social Media platform can your fans find you interacting with the most?

They can definitely find me interacting the most on my instagram page. They can find me on instagram at themaestro_

Anything else you want the readers to know?

I want everyone out there to know that they can be anything they want to be when they put their mind to it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be something. Strive for the best and make your dreams come true.

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