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@MsLashaunTurner In The Flow with Artist, Producer, DJ, -A.C. Vini-Vince, 1/12/2021

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@MsLashaunTurner in the Flow with Artist, Producer, DJ, -A.C. Vini-Vince

A.C. Vini-Vince is a talented, multi-genre, artist, producer, songwriter, and radio show host/DJ, who was born in Queens, New York and grew up in Harlem- and now spends most of his time in New Jersey. His work is mostly clean, energetic, witty and danceable. He created and continues to develop a sub-genre he calls  “Happy Hip-Hop”, which he talks about that, and his new release “Butterscotch,” in this exclusive interview with Cali.FM.


What did you start doing first, artist, producer, or DJ, – how did you get started in the industry?

In order, it would be DJ, artist, then producer. I became a producer because I felt I was the best person to make music to match the theme and expression of my songs and lyrics. Especially the ones with specific topics. I was always creating music for a long time and I had music that I thought should be heard and published. So, 2 years ago as a birthday present to myself, I gave myself A record label and began releasing music.

 You have created a unique sub-genre of music you call “Happy Hip-Hop”, describe that for us, and how it came about.

I created the “Happy Hip-Hop’ genre as an offset to some of the more gritty and negative music that I was hearing at the time when I was creating the label. I don’t want my music to sound like that, have that theme, or out people in that frame of mind. I wanted my music to be purposeful, fun and maybe a have a message.

Tell us about your current release. What was the inspiration for it, and what was the process like for completing it?

My current release, “Butterscotch” was inspired by a truly outstanding woman and current songs that put women in a negative light. Again, I wanted to do something to offset that and be different at the same time. I thought instead of having a song that’s demeaning to women, let’s do something that praises and recognizes all of their good qualities and remind them that these things are still important, and someone notices and appreciates them.


@MsLashaunTurner in the Flow with Artist, Producer, DJ, -A.C. Vini-Vince


Have you gotten any feedback on the new release, and if so, was it what you expected?

Most of my songs have a theme or a topic and I know everybody isn’t going to like everything and of you ask enough people you they will send you in different directions. What I find is that if a person doesn’t like my current song, either they liked the previous one or they will like the next one. So I don’t go in to producing a song seeking approval.

I make it because I feel this particular song should be release at this particular time. I have about 40 marketable releases with all sorts of music and topics that I cannot get out fast enough. I feel that when I am done with it all, I would made something appealing to everyone because I know I am not able to that with any one song.

What is most enjoyable about what you do, and what is least enjoyable?

The most enjoyable is dealing with different people.

The least enjoyable is dealing with different people.

I have found I am most successful when working with people who are honest and share a similar drive and vision. Let’s just say, I find it extremely important to have all necessary paperwork properly completed before beginning a project with anyone.

Has the Covid-19 pandemic had any impact on your music?

I think the pandemic while being a scary thing has brought a lot of people in the music world together that would not have crossed paths before. Of course it was a financial disaster for performances, networking and events, but I think it forced us to think outside of the box and explore different methods of doing things, which eventually will make us better at what we do and also see things differently.

In your experience thus far, what is the best piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out?

Every artist has their own expression, their own niche and their own audience. Continue to be authentic and you will eventually find yours. Never stop being you for anybody.

​ Anything else you want our audience to know?

I would like them to know I have a ton of music to put out and that I wrote songs for various genres, such as R&B and Pop. I even write love songs and ballads, so If you don’t hear a song performed by me it’s probably because you may be hearing a song written by me. So always look for a project from me.

Also, I host a radio mix show dedicated to providing airplay and exposure for new and independent artists. We play their music if it’s clean and we provide information on promotion and publishing and other things to help them out on their journey in the industry.  It’s called the “Fixed In The Mix!” Show and it is aired literally all over the world in several digital radios stations. Check my social media for more information.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you taking the time with me. Thanks.

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