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New Website Update 8/25/21

Cali FM Radio

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I mentioned last week that I would be making some changes within my company to account for the new position at NEWSBREAK. After careful consideration, I have decided to end News Publication on my website and revert it back to LashaunTurner.com.

Unfortunately without an adequate amount of contributors, I would not be able to populate my site and its syndication endpoints like Google News and Flipboard, now that I’m writing for NEWSBREAK.

I will however continue posting News and Media in the Facebook Group and in my weekly Newsletter. If current Contributors would like to add links for sharing in the Newsletter, they can continue to submit Article & Video links.

The URL Cali.FM now points to the Live365 station. I will continue to offer limited promotional opportunities at Cali FM, including rotation and advertisements.

As I am still rearranging things on the site, if you do decide to come by-please excuse the mess.

Lashaun Turner…

Website Update

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