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Pandemic Innovations To Get Our Entertainment Fix

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Pandemic Innovations To Get Our Entertainment Fix

We struggle to find our footing in a pandemic we do not understand with no concept of when we will regain freedom. We do not know if our world will look the same. The fear simmers under the surface, but so does hope. Frustration, depression, and binge-watching television colors our days with gloom, but hope flickers. We miss laughter and interaction. Entertainers miss the adrenalin rush of performance. The answer is FanRoom Live. FanRoom Live is the brilliant collaboration of an actor/producer, talent agent and celebrity event producer in response to the pandemic that stilled the entertainment industry. Fighting boredom, depression and isolation, the public is hungry for normalcy. Cedric the Entertainer, award-winning actor, producer, and comedian, Mich Faulkner, CEO of 123 Talent, and Jeff Krauss, President of event production and entertainment company IE Group, designed a new reality. They brought on producers, co-hosts, Chanel Omari and Jae Benjamin. Pooling their talents and resources, they created a solution for staying home and social distancing while getting an intimate entertainment fix for eager fans. Artists connect with fans in ways never possible before. FanRoom Live became an instant success. It is a private, intimate “meet and greet” for fans to interact with celebrities.

D.L Hughley celebrates the successful release of his latest book “Surrender White People; Our Unconditional Terms for Peace.” The national bestselling author will host fans on FanRoom Live, a live virtual platform to showcase his book. The book engages readers in a delightful discussion on race, racism, and racial inequality that helps readers to embrace the discomfort and examine the difficult, often polarizing content. D.L. Hughley is an American actor, political commentator, radio host, author and stand-up comedian. He has written critically acclaimed books such as the New York Times Bestseller “How to Not Get Shot: And Other Advice from White People” and the “Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years.” Hughley shares his deepest thoughts and emotions yet in this latest book. It cleverly lures the reader in and helps them immerse themselves in the tensions and complexities of contemporary America. The book has attracted considerable positive response during the sensitive “Black Lives Matter” controversies. To mark the launch, Hughley hosts fans and supporters on FanRoom Live.

FanRoom Live is a digital platform that connects actors, authors, comedians, athletes, and celebrities to heir fans in an intimate platform of virtual events conducted like “town-hall” meetings. FanRoom Live events feature Q&A sessions, giving fans access never experienced before. Previous guests of FanRoom include Cedric The Entertainer, George Lopez, Richard Kline, and George Wayne the former Vanity Fair scribe. Up-coming talents who are set to be announced include Kurt Angle, Brant Daugherty, Jake The Snake Roberts, and Holland Roden to give the platform the power to overcome current challenges. D.L. Hughley brings the small-town feeling virtually as he introduces his book on FanRoom Live on August 6, 2020, at 7:00 PM PST. Tickets can be purchased on FanRoom Live website at www.fanroomlive.com. This is just the beginning of a new age. The show catapults audiences into a futuristic reality.

Three huge hip hop icons are slated for a performance in September. I cannot reveal names yet, but be ready to purchase $10.00 tickets. Although the date and time will be determined, the show will be announced within the next two weeks. Audiences starved for entertainment will view from Japan to Boston to Nigeria for their hip hop fix. Unfettered by walls and venues, the fanbase will be ecstatic to join in the ground-breaking event. Virtual performance has taken over the struggling entertainment industry to usher in a new age. The format will break new ground with immediacy and affordable pricing.

Broadway was harder hit than most of the entertainment platforms. Broadway HD is a subscription network with videos of show from “Hamilton” to “A Night With Janis Joplin” to “Singin’ In The Rain” to ease the pain of empty theaters. (www.broadwayhd.com.) Tony Award-winning Broadway Producer Ken Davenport is on a mission to help get 5000 shows produced by 2025. He believes that streaming will continue to gain power when the pandemic is finished. Ken said, “I’m not talking about the umpteen livestreams that are. poppin’ up like podcasts or blogs did a few years ago. No, no. Most of those will disappear like . . . well, like the many podcasts and blogs that lie dormant in the internet graveyard. I’m talking about full on productions, filmed for posterity and (hopefully) profit.”

As Cameron Macintosh said, “It is my instinct that the theatre has always survived on mavericks – people with a passion for the theatre who go their own way.” Get ready because our depression may lead to our renaissance.
Finally, Black Lives Matter will matter on Broadway as Broadway embraces the powerful delivery platform of virtual performance and aligns with the demand for popular artists. New avenues will bring richer opportunities to theaters, actors, and tech crews as the relationship with live streaming events becomes accepted and “normal”. When the Covid Crisis is over, the new frontier is visual performance on demand (VOD) overpowers concerts and tours to give artists new opportunities.

A VIEW FROM MY WINDOW(2) by Sheryl Dolley

Sheryl Dolley is a wordsmith with a gift for enchanting words and heart-felt emotion. Marketing is her passion. She handles marketing, contracts, and sponsorship. Sheryl writes PR for celebrities, real estate professionals, small businesses, non-profits, and ghosts works for celebrities. Sheryl’s guerilla marketing strategies create cash flow, community awareness, and inspire action. A true connoisseur of delicious words, she makes the reader feel, see, and hear, stamping an imprint, an emotion that cannot be ignored. Words foster action. Success is the result. Celebrity ghost- writer, video producer, marketing specialist and publicist, Sheryl Dolley brings organization, documentation, research, and technical skill. Currently involved in production of film, music videos and documentaries, Sheryl Dolley has the power to design sizzling strategy and innovative visual imagery for unforgettable results. She is currently working on film and television projects from Surviving Death Row Records:  The Lydia “Lady Boss” Harris Story, BIO/Historical True Story/Drama, “Uncuffed Underground” A Story of Prison Reform, and a Soul Train documentary. CEO of Sheryl Dolley Public Relations and Vice President of Marketing for La Bella Diva PR Agency and Urban Lifestyle Television Network, and partner in Lydia Harris Entertainment, she brings panache and aggressive marketing to clients. Relationships with networks and studios bring insider information and opportunities


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