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Brazen Racist Payton Gendron “Great Replacement” conspiracy: Blacks aren’t replacing anyone at 13% of the population

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payton gendron, great replacement

On May 14, 2022, Payton Gendron shot and killed ten people and three others were injured; 11 of the victims were black. Critics cite Great Replacement as the motive.

Racially motivated hate crime

Over the weekend in Buffalo N.Y., Brazen 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron carried out a racially motivated attack at a Tops Friendly Markets store in the Kingsley neighborhood, a predominantly black neighborhood.

In a manifesto posted online 2 days before the attack Gendron wrote that he had selected the area because it held the largest percentage of Black residents near his home.

Payton Gendron Manifesto

payton gendron, great replacement

The suspect allegedly wrote a manifesto filled with hateful rants about race and ties to the “Great Replacement,” a conspiracy theory that espouses Whites are being replaced by non-white and the end result will be the extinction of the white race.

The manifesto promotes the white nationalist far-right “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory of Renaud Camus, which claims that whites are being subject to genocide through immigration and decreasing white birth rates. The manifesto claims that Jews and the elite are responsible for non-white immigration, that black people disproportionately kill white people, and that non-whites would overwhelm and wipe out the white race. -Wikipedia

Population by race in the U.S Census.gov

White alone, percent 76.3%

Black or African American alone, percent 13.4%

American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent 1.3%

Asian alone, percent 5.9%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent 0.2%

Two or More Races, percent 2.8%

Hispanic or Latino, percent 18.5%

White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, 60.1%

Blacks aren’t replacing anyone

The conspiracy theory that Blacks are part of this “Great Replacement” in the U.S is delusional. As I have previously written on the rates of Black-on-Black crime, abortion, and other core issues in the Black community- we aren’t even sustaining our own numbers much less threatening to replace some other race. That is just insanity. With 13% of the population, Blacks have minimal representation or political power.

Payton S. Gendron

payton gendron, great replacement

Mr. Gendron pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, a charge that could lead to life imprisonment without parole

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