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Can The U.S. Afford Reparations? 8/11/21

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Can The U.S. Afford Reparations? 8/11/21

Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?

Politicians, states, and cities have started to look at reparations for descendants of slaves as a possible way to solve persistent inequalities. While a concrete compensation plan seems far out of reach, experts are starting to offer tangible solutions. William Darity suggests a $10 to $12 trillion program, distributed over the course of 10 years. Darrick Hamilton suggests implementing a complimentary program called baby bonds, which would provide a quasi-universal basic income for newborn babies. However, opponents say that now is not the time to increase federal spending, as the country faces over $24 trillion in national debt and the covid-19 pandemic.

Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?-video

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