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#Reparations2024 for AFRICAN AMERICANS or else Joe Biden can Kick Rocks!

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Attention to reparations has remained prominent in the minds of Black voters  since the 2020 presidential candidates first began discussing reparations last year. Public attention to the ways the history of slavery and discrimination have fueled disparities like the racial wealth gap, which shows that the median white household is 10 times wealthier than the median black one, are being openly assessed. A growing body of research outlines the extent of the disparities between black and white Americans in terms of income, health outcomes, quality of schooling, homeownership — and a continued decline in wealth among black Americans.

Joe Biden Wants to See Studies About Feasibility of Slavery Reparations

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday he was in favor of paying slavery reparations to African Americans and Native Americans if studies found direct cash payments to be a viable option. “If, in fact, there are ways to get direct payments for reparations, I want to see it,” Biden said Thursday during a virtual town hall meeting hosted on social media by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). “But why are we waiting around for the study? We can deal with this stuff.”

Why is Joe Biden throwing in Native Americans into the mix? We are talking Reparations for African Americans who built this country. Aren’t the Native Americans already receiving cash payments monthly, have their own land and Casino’s? I want for this government/country to make right what it did to all peoples BUT right now it’s Black Lives Matter in my book- CASH and Subsidies !..


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