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Self Made Millionaire/Business Executive -Solomon Ali, Live with Lady I.M.PRE$S

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In this interview we talk about the current business climate, Investments, private equity and stocks. Plus, steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help your business survive and thrive past the current climate. He has authored many books and currently hosts the MINORITY BUSINESS ACCESS podcast. If you’re an Entrepreneur or Business owner you definitely want to watch the video interview. And, Mr Ali has a special message for Black Business Owners & Entrepreneurs… This interview will also air on the NBC/CNBC Inland Empire Affiliate -KCAA Radio 102.3FM -106.5FM– 1050AM, CALI’S BEST RADIO SHOW-Wednesday May 6, 2020 7Pm Pst.

North Carolina’s NDR Energy Group CEO and Smart Home Technology CEO, Solomon Ali

Solomon Ali was born Richard Marshall Carter in Los Angeles California in 1964. Solomon has a well-earned reputation as a brilliant entrepreneur and consultant in the financial industry and business community. Throughout his life, Solomon has had a drive that went beyond fundamental classroom teaching, preferring instead to identify with great men of history, seeking knowledge independently from conventional and non-conventional sources.

Solomon has over 28 years of business and finance experience, using his expertise to build up disadvantaged and minority entrepreneurs throughout his entire career. His prominent voice and influence have helped minority businesses secure intellectual property, raise funding for start-ups, bring products to market and scale their businesses.

Mr. Ali’s leadership over the years has led to considerable financial growth for multiple companies under his management: whether through stock trading, financial consultation or the streamlining of operations, Ali has always strived to leave everything he touches in a better condition than he found it. His dedication to this philosophy, and penchant for hard work is evident when reviewing just a handful of his projects over his career.
In the energy industry, he assisted a company in increasing its annual revenue from $20 million to $75 million.
In the private equity industry, his grit and determination managed to turn his $250.00 start-up fund into a multi-million-dollar company within several short years.

Serving as the officer of a technology company in its developmental stages, Solomon used his business acumen to bring the company in to a position of industry dominance by competently executing the management of its intellectual property assets and licensing.
Solomon is a business leader, an invaluable community resource, a capable writer, an unmatched educator, a credible commentator, a man of God and of Family. (Courtesy of Solomon Ali)

Learn more about Solomon Ali at: https://www.solomonrcali.info/

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