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Sonya Miller (Master P’s Ex Wife) response to comments on video of messy divorce!

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Sonya Miller will give a follow up exclusive written interview to Lashaun Turner addressing public comments and questions raised after the (viral) video interview “MASTER P’s ex-wife SONYA MILLER Speaks Out About Messy Divorce”!

In her 1st ever Interview, Sonya Miller garnered a lot of buzz and views over the internet when she decided to speak out for the first time abut divorcing the rap music mogul Master P.  The video has garnered over 105,000 plus views and more than a thousand (1000) comments/replies to date.

In a follow-up interview expected to be published in full the week of October 16, 2017- Sonya says, I’m grateful to all the people that have shown me support through this process, but there has also been a lot of negative comments that I need to address”. Sonya speaks to Master P’s infidelity, accusations of drug use, and the life her husband lavished in outside of their marriage while enjoying the spoils of the industry.

“When I finally had enough after 24 plus years, the public called me a gold digger, industry whore, crack head and an unfit mother”. But at what point will the public look at me as a woman that was cheated on & left to fend for myself with 7 kids”

The original interview caught a buzz and despite the negative reactions there were also a few notable comments from other women who seemed to relate to Sonya’s plight. Debra Clark author of the book “Everyone Has A Story” based on the true events of her life while engaged to NFL legend Jim Brown and the media frenzy when Jim was arrested on Domestic Violence against her, had this to say:

“Thank you, Lashaun Turner, for another great interview! For allowing us to hear more about Sonya Miller’s side because there is always 2 sides to every story! Too many times the women of powerful men get swept away into the background and she isn’t given the platform to be heard…wishing the both of you much success and peace”…

Sonya will address the video’s comments in an article to be published in full on the Lashaun Turner Media Network of Blogs and online sites ( including www.LashaunTurner.com & Thisis50) the week of  Oct 16, 2017. Follow @MsLashaunTurner for updates!

About Lashaun Turner

Lashaun Turner aka Lady I.M.PRE$S is a Music Publicist, Media Talent and former CNBC/NBC Radio broadcaster for”CALI’S BEST”. She is the creator of the Blaze Indie L.A TV Show 2014-2016 airing on Channel LA36. She owns URBAN STARZ MEDIA & P.R a hybrid multi-media/P.R firm that provides Event & Artist Publicity, Media Placement Management, Content Development, Hosting, Sharing and Distribution throughout various platforms. Connect @ UrbanStarzMedia@gmail.com.

Media contact for Sonya Miller is Page Kisack -paget1203@gmail.com

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