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anthony mcclain

Rally To Demand Police Accountability In Shooting Death Of Anthony McClain 5/18/21

The family of George Floyd and Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, joined the family of a black man who was shot in the back last year while running from officers. Police Accountability Anthony McClain-video For More California news VISIT For more Health...

Black News: Anthony McClain Deadly Shooting by Pasadena Police, New Video Released 3/24/21

Attorneys for the family question how a gun “magically” appeared across the street from the police shooting. McClain was fatally shot in the back by police in Pasadena, August 15, 2020. The Pasadena man was a passenger in the vehicle...

Anthony McClain shot while running from Pasadena police; Are they trained to shoot people because they’re running away?

Traffic stop, passenger jumps out starts running AWAY, officer shoots him. Says he had a gun. See the thing is people are arming themselves because of the times we are living in.People have guns for protection and not necessarily...
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Remarkable -Biden calling Republicans fascists is like the pot calling the kettle black 8/28/22

At a rally in front of Democratic donors, President Joe Biden called out those he labels as extreme Republicans,...
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