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Why Black Owned Businesses Struggle and Don’t Survive 7/27/21

It can be difficult for any business to succeed, but Black entrepreneurs have historically faced unique challenges. Despite, buy-black campaigns, grants, and other resources, 8 out of 10 Black-owned businesses fail within the first 18 months. So why do Black...

New Business Alert: Amazon launches $150 million initiative to assist Black owned businesses

The program provides access to capital, guidance, mentorship, and marketing/promotion support. The goal is to help Black businesses succeed as sellers with their brands and products. The company will offer an initial round of $10,000 cash grants, in partnership with...

Watch Now Los Angeles Black Owned Businesses Celebrated -Localish 1/18

 Los Angeles Black owned businesses spotlighted on Localish From L.A.’s first pro-black pop culture store to businesses giving back to the community. Plus, paying tribute to Kobe Bryant through art.   Black Owned Businesses- Los Angeles video https://youtu.be/LeBzVJsPAgA For More California news VISIT For more...

COVID-19 Pandemic Hitting Black-Owned Businesses Hard #MelaninMarket #TheDailyBlackness

With the #COVID19 pandemic hitting black-owned businesses especially hard, an outdoor market in Crenshaw has allowed dozens of them to survive, and even thrive. https://youtu.be/4FwOrqPHAzI

African American Business Group Proposes Black-Owned NFL Team in Oakland

African American Sports & Entertainment Group, or AASEG has proposed bringing a Black-owned Football Team to Oakland. "Our community is in a position where we are huge consumers, and it's time for us to become owners," says Ray Bobbitt,...

DREAM EXCHANGE -First ever minority owned stock exchange coming soon!

The Dream Exchange founded by Joe Cecala in partnership with Cadiz Capital Holding L.L.C., a black and minority-owned private equity firm, led by William H. Ellison, who holds majority ownership of the exchange, created the platform  to bring together...
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Remarkable -Biden calling Republicans fascists is like the pot calling the kettle black 8/28/22

At a rally in front of Democratic donors, President Joe Biden called out those he labels as extreme Republicans,...
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