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Demetrius Stanley

Protest for What? Demetrius Stanley unfortunate actions led to his death 6/6/21

JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade-Lashaun Turner Black Organizations will protest anything it seems :Demetrius Stanley Shooting:   Dramatic video footage released Wednesday by California police shows a Black man walking around an unmarked police vehicle, opening the door and pointing...

Demetrius Stanley Aimed Gun at Officer and was Killed 6/2/21

Surveillance video released Wednesday, June 2, by San Jose Police shows a May 31 incident when Demetrius Stanley wielded a handgun while walking down the street before an unnamed officer shot and killed him, according to SJPD Chief Anthony...
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Remarkable -Biden calling Republicans fascists is like the pot calling the kettle black 8/28/22

At a rally in front of Democratic donors, President Joe Biden called out those he labels as extreme Republicans,...
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