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Voters are starting to act like hard-core sports fans – with dangerous repercussions for democracy

During Donald Trump’s presidency, the American electorate became more divided and partisan, with research suggesting that the ongoing division is less about policy and more about labels like “conservative” and “liberal.” Essentially, voters increasingly see themselves in one of two...

Donald Trump Reportedly Granting Pardon to Rapper Lil Wayne, Last Day in Office-1/19

Donald Trump is likely to grant Lil Wayne a Pardon. Multiple outlets are reporting President Donald Trump is likely to grant clemency to rapper Lil Wayne on Tuesday when he is expected to unveil his final  list of pardons and...

1 San Diego woman Ashli Babbitt shot and killed as Donald Trump “patriots,” protesters stormed the Capitol.

The woman who was shot at the US Capitol  amid Donald Trumps Patriot Protesters was from San Diego. Ashli Babbitt was pronounced dead at an area hospital, a spokesperson with the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to CNN. Ashli Babbitt shot...

To Donald: KEEP HIS NAME OUT YA MOUTH #GeorgeFloyd #donaldtrump

I've never witnessed a more insane, insensitive, deranged and disconnected individual than you know who the "DONALD".  Donald Trump has claimed it is a ‘great day’ for George Floyd (as in he died like he's never died before?) after...

Chrisette Michele Regrets Performing at Trump Inaugural Ball

Grammy award winning R&B soul singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele went on the Breakfast Club and talked about the downward spiral in her personal life and career after having performed for #45 Donald Trump's Inauguration Ball. When asked if she...
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Remarkable -Biden calling Republicans fascists is like the pot calling the kettle black 8/28/22

At a rally in front of Democratic donors, President Joe Biden called out those he labels as extreme Republicans,...
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