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Joe Biden failure on Monoclonal Antibody supply -while Americans suffer in 2022

Monoclonal Antibody As U.S cases of Covid-19 surge amid the Omicron variant, I can’t help but to reflect on how the Biden-Harris administration has failed to produce Monoclonal Antibodies in sufficient quantities to treat symptomatic individuals early in the course...

Joe Biden Hails ‘Unprecedented’ American Unity on $1.9 Trillion Covid Stimulus

President Joe Biden told House Democrats Wednesday the nation has never ""seen something that is needed as badly as the American Rescue Plan," and he thanked lawmakers for their efforts in getting the pandemic relief bill passed by the...

Five Important Questions About Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Arthur Allen November 11, 2020 Pfizer’s announcement on Monday that its COVID-19 shot appears to keep nine in 10 people from getting the disease sent its stock price rocketing. Many news reports described the vaccine as if it were our...

Wife’s Racist Tweets About Kamala Harris Spur Bay Area School Official to Resign

A school board president on the Peninsula is stepping down after his wife posted racially charged comments about Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on social media. Jon Venverloh announced Sunday that he was stepping down from his position with the Las...

Why politicians talk to Cardi B and not black scholars

Joe Biden didn't want to talk to intelligent black people when running for office. Instead, he chose to meet with rapper #CardiB. Should black people be disturbed by this kind of behavior or is this just par for the...

#Reparations2024 for AFRICAN AMERICANS or else Joe Biden can Kick Rocks!

Attention to reparations has remained prominent in the minds of Black voters  since the 2020 presidential candidates first began discussing reparations last year. Public attention to the ways the history of slavery and discrimination have fueled disparities like the...
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