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You’re Collaborating Right….Is It the Right Kind???

Hello Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni, where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This week I want to talk about collaborations. In my observance, I have seen independent artists drop a...

PROJECT POWER Rap Cypher + Music Video

Over 60 artists from more than a dozen countries collaborated on HITRECORD to create this rap cypher music video inspired by Netflix’s Project Power https://youtu.be/c1F6x53L4u8  

#NewMusicAlert: YoursTru Bigga “WEEKEND” ft Kidd Dreamz

instagram.com/yourstrulybigga youtube.com/yourstrulybigga soundcloud.com/yourstrulybigga-1 twitter.com/yourstrulybigga facebook.com/yourstrubigga

How to Embed Metadata in Music Files #musicindustry

Having the correct metadata associated with your music files is extremely important these days. Metadata is the critical information about your music that anyone in the music business needs to know. It's how you get paid!

Are you Shittin Me or Kiddin Me: The Role of an Artist Manager? @rroneice 

Welcome to Ms. Roni’s Blonde Intelligence Blog, where I provide exquisite cranial repertoire. Today’s blog subject is the role of an artist manager. New independent artists coming on the scene and even some seasoned independent artists have a slight...

Award Winning Recording Artist Humble Releases “Fools Run” & “This Is Life”

May 12, 2020 – Toronto, ON  Juno Award winning Reggae artist HUMBLE drops two new tracks with videos, “Fools Run” & “This Is Life” available now on all platforms.  HUMBLE will be dropping a third EP “Never the Same”...

MUSIC REVIEW: “Why Can’t We Be Friends” 4/10

View this post on Instagram Music Review/Reaction Score 4/10- see video for more commentary The song doesn't sound mixed/mastered at...

MUSIC REVIEW: King P : “Good Vibes” Rated 7/10

View this post on Instagram Overall 7/10- Comments- Cool lil club dance song- with potential but it ended poorly ....

Music Review- M A R A N D A “The Fight In Me” 10/10

Music Review MARANDA SONG REVIEW:: Please leave feedback Artist: M A R A N D A Song= The Fight In Me Rated 10/10 This my friends is a SONG! Tell me what you think! www.marandaforney.com View this...

CALI.FM Launching New Streaming Radio Station

Cali.FM is a fully licensed streaming digital platform headquartered in Southern California streaming worldwide- Hiphop, House, Latin/Reggaeton and Carribean music. Real Music , Real Talk all the time! Music programming will alternate with songs from each genre and will...
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