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PROJECT POWER Rap Cypher + Music Video

Over 60 artists from more than a dozen countries collaborated on HITRECORD to create this rap cypher music video inspired by Netflix’s Project Power https://youtu.be/c1F6x53L4u8  

Deanna Richmond releases an Afropop tune, titled “Mon Amour”

Deanna Richmond is a singer-songwriter born in Portugal with American and African origins. After her debut EP release, Auspicious in 2018, and two Afrobeat tunes thereafter, Deanna Richmond also released an inspiring R&B song with a Hip hop beat,...

I Paid $1,000 Dollars for Spotify Promotion.. this is what happened (video)

Everyone in the music industry wants to know how to get playlisted on spotify. How to get on Spotify official playlists. Should I pay for playlisting on spotify? How important are spotify playlists? Is paying for Spotify playlisting illegal?...

Your Lyrics Are A Magical Formula: What Damn Spells Are You Casting……Shiiiiid.

Author: Roni Robinson Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence Blog where I seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This week I wanted to speak about lyrics. I have heard many in the music industry say in the past few...

#NewMusicAlert: YoursTru Bigga “WEEKEND” ft Kidd Dreamz

instagram.com/yourstrulybigga youtube.com/yourstrulybigga soundcloud.com/yourstrulybigga-1 twitter.com/yourstrulybigga facebook.com/yourstrubigga

Your Music Is Not Radio Ready: You Betta Radio Raheem That Thang

Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence where I seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. Before I get started, I’m sure some people are wondering who in the helllzzznnnieee is Radio Raheem…Radio Raheem is the dude that always carries...

Feel Good by Honor Roll and Lucky Luciano #nowplaying @Cali.FM

I go by the name Honor Roll I have been recording music ever since I could remember. I always listened to Lucky Luciano. Always influenced me and my music. Got a song with him feels like a big accomplishment. This song...

Are you Shittin Me or Kiddin Me: The Role of an Artist Manager? @rroneice 

Welcome to Ms. Roni’s Blonde Intelligence Blog, where I provide exquisite cranial repertoire. Today’s blog subject is the role of an artist manager. New independent artists coming on the scene and even some seasoned independent artists have a slight...

Award Winning Recording Artist Humble Releases “Fools Run” & “This Is Life”

May 12, 2020 – Toronto, ON  Juno Award winning Reggae artist HUMBLE drops two new tracks with videos, “Fools Run” & “This Is Life” available now on all platforms.  HUMBLE will be dropping a third EP “Never the Same”...
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