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What The Hell Are You Wanting…Let’s Explain The Meaning of Socialism and Liberalism

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Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me Ms. Roni, where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This week I have observed and read many comments pertaining to two terms. Those two terms are liberalism and socialism. These terms were thrown around and the way in which they were used confused me…or maybe the people using them were confused…

One man stated in a Facebook comment that we must fight off socialism. Why? Socialism means being ruled by the community. Wouldn’t you think that the people who live in their community would be the most qualified people to know what their community needs? Why would you fight off socialism and socialist policies? What is it that he wants? Another comment I read was ….”those damn liberals”. I’m wondering what did the damn liberals do? According to Qxford Language, liberalism is a philosophy that promotes civil rights, civil liberties, democracy, free enterprise, and also the willingness to accept and respect new ideas and opinions different from one’s own…..I know that was a lot.

I was asking myself….are these men saying that there is only one way of thinking and only one way of doing things can be right? What are some of these people wanting? Another thing I find puzzling is if a body has a  known pattern to fabricate, why would you believe that they would help your people? Timing is fluid, timing is everything, time is an illusion, timing is an art, and time is of the essence.

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