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Wife’s Racist Tweets About Kamala Harris Spur Bay Area School Official to Resign

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Wife’s Racist Tweets About Kamala Harris Spur Bay Area School Official to Resign

A school board president on the Peninsula is stepping down after his wife posted racially charged comments about Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on social media.
Jon Venverloh announced Sunday that he was stepping down from his position with the Las Lomitas Elementary School District in Menlo Park. His wife, Mehridith Philips Venverloh, tweeted Sunday in response to comments about Harris’s qualifications that “all she needs to be qualified is a black pussy! No brain needed!” In another post she said Harris had used sex to “whore” her way to her history-making position.
“Given my wife’s social media posts, which expressed reprehensible views that I do not agree with, I know that my continued service would be a distraction from the work that needs to be done in the District over the two years remaining in my term,” Venverloh said in a statement.
Mrs. Venverloh apologized for her “vulgar” words that she said were written “in a moment of disappointment.” “I am deeply sorry and ashamed,” she said and added that she has been taking medications for a “debilitating neurological disease” but had been weaning herself off them in preparation for a scheduled hospitalization. “I believe that the change in medication reduced my judgment between right and wrong when I made the posts,” she said.


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