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Your Vote Does Count: Lemme Tell You How

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Your Vote Does Count: Lemme Tell You How

Hello welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. I have heard many people say that they won’t vote because their vote doesn’t count anyway. So wrong….. Some people are only aware of one way in which your vote counts, but there are two. Of course, at the ballot is one way to vote. Have you ever heard of the electoral college vote? The other way to vote is through completing your census questionnaire, which determines the electoral college. How? When the census questionnaire is completed, it determines the number of representatives in your state for the House of Representatives. Completing the census questionnaire helps funding for unemployment insurance, community block grants, educational programs, public transportation, hospitals, Medicare/Medicaid, SNAP, and more.

You get your chance to help shape the legislature…once every ten years. So, understand that your vote does count. Your census questionnaire is your vote to form the electoral college, House of Representatives, determine the federal budget for your needs. It is your right to vote and it counts more than you know. When you complete your census, your vote counts in everything for the next ten years. If you have not completed your census questionnaire visit www.2020census.gov.

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