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You’re Collaborating with no Split Sheet: What the Hellzzznnniiiee???

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Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence Blog where I seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. I will say, working with independent artists, one area of error I find is the lack of split sheets. Working with some of these artist will have you standing in the bed at 6:00 am screaming “No…split….sheets…” (In my Mommy Dearest, Joan Crawford voice….).

Picture it, you’ve created a composition right (a song)? You worked with a producer in the studio. You wrote the hook and a verse of the three verses. Two other artists also contribute a verse each on the track. You release it and then, the song starts gaining traction. Assuming that the proper registrations were done, who gets paid what?

I was registering some music for an artist and I asked him for the split sheet on a particular song that he had collaborated on. There was not one in existence. So I asked, did you write any portion of the song? He said yes, but its not my song. So, I was like did Ike get a hold of you too?

I am going to try to explain. When you collaborate on a song, everyone owns 100% of the song. The split sheet and the collaborative agreement determine who owns what percentage of a song. I run into many independent artists and even independent record labels that do not have any paperwork. The split sheet will include the song title, information about the artist, producer, publisher(s), co-writer(s) to include other pertinent information including social security numbers and birthdate.

According to www.TuneRegistry.com, all co authors can exploit to the fullest extent of the copyright law without split sheets and collaborative agreements. This means that without any permissions any co-author can make copies of the work, distribute the work, license it, perform it publicly, and issue non-exclusive license.

You’re collaborating without split sheet? What in the hellzzznnniiiieee?

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